Grayscale Investments: more than half of investors in the USA are interested in

55% of Grayscale Investments respondents are ready to invest in the first crypt currency. A year ago, the share of Bitcoin investors was 36%, according to a new survey conducted by the management company.

The survey, which was conducted from 26 June to 12 July, was attended by 1,000 investors from the United States aged 25 to 64 years, whose family income exceeds $50,000.
Our new study shows that 55% of U.S. investors survey are interested in investing in #Bitcoin in 2020, which marks a significant increase from the 36% of investors who said they were interested in 2019. Read our study here. $BTC
Of those who have already decided to buy bitcoin, 83% have implemented this intention over the past year. Of these, almost two-thirds say that the main driving force was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Over the last year, the acceptance rate of the first cryptographic currency has increased – the share of those who are familiar with it has risen from 53% to 62%. Half of all respondents are convinced that cryptov currencies will become an independent asset class by the end of this decade.

The survey showed that the average age of those interested in the first cryptovoltaic currency was 42 years. Bitcoin sceptics are on average seven years older. The investor in the first group is usually a man who has a higher education.
For two-thirds of respondents who are interested in bitcoin, the motivating factor is the ability to buy for a small amount. 58% of this group noted a certain psychological discomfort due to the lack of special knowledge about cryptov currencies.

The positive attitude of respondents is due to the similarity of Bitcoin and other assets, which are perceived as ’safe havens‘.

These attributes include supply shortage, verifiable nature, lack of correlation with global markets and lack of control by authorities. Grayscale Investments notes that the highest percentage of positive responses were given by a group of respondents aged 35 to 44 who had experienced three recessions.

Analysts cite research by Cerulli Associates and Coldwell Banker, which estimates that the wealth that Generations X and Millenials will inherit over the next few decades is $68 trillion. The amount of assets under their management could increase five-fold over this time.

Despite increased acceptance of Bitcoin, most investors, according to Grayscale Investments, have not got rid of some myths. 70% of them believe that the first cryptovite is prone to hacker attacks. 62% believe that Bitcoin is not under government supervision. 63% of respondents expressed concern about the uncertain regulatory status of the first cryptovoltaic currency.

In their latest report, Coin Metrics analysts based on on onomic metrics pointed to the prospects of „the largest take-off“ of Bitcoin in history.

Earlier, the University of Cambridge counted 100 million users of the world’s cryptocurrency.