Grayscale Investments: more than half of investors in the USA are interested in

55% of Grayscale Investments respondents are ready to invest in the first crypt currency. A year ago, the share of Bitcoin investors was 36%, according to a new survey conducted by the management company.

The survey, which was conducted from 26 June to 12 July, was attended by 1,000 investors from the United States aged 25 to 64 years, whose family income exceeds $50,000.
Our new study shows that 55% of U.S. investors survey are interested in investing in #Bitcoin in 2020, which marks a significant increase from the 36% of investors who said they were interested in 2019. Read our study here. $BTC
Of those who have already decided to buy bitcoin, 83% have implemented this intention over the past year. Of these, almost two-thirds say that the main driving force was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Over the last year, the acceptance rate of the first cryptographic currency has increased – the share of those who are familiar with it has risen from 53% to 62%. Half of all respondents are convinced that cryptov currencies will become an independent asset class by the end of this decade.

The survey showed that the average age of those interested in the first cryptovoltaic currency was 42 years. Bitcoin sceptics are on average seven years older. The investor in the first group is usually a man who has a higher education.
For two-thirds of respondents who are interested in bitcoin, the motivating factor is the ability to buy for a small amount. 58% of this group noted a certain psychological discomfort due to the lack of special knowledge about cryptov currencies.

The positive attitude of respondents is due to the similarity of Bitcoin and other assets, which are perceived as ’safe havens‘.

These attributes include supply shortage, verifiable nature, lack of correlation with global markets and lack of control by authorities. Grayscale Investments notes that the highest percentage of positive responses were given by a group of respondents aged 35 to 44 who had experienced three recessions.

Analysts cite research by Cerulli Associates and Coldwell Banker, which estimates that the wealth that Generations X and Millenials will inherit over the next few decades is $68 trillion. The amount of assets under their management could increase five-fold over this time.

Despite increased acceptance of Bitcoin, most investors, according to Grayscale Investments, have not got rid of some myths. 70% of them believe that the first cryptovite is prone to hacker attacks. 62% believe that Bitcoin is not under government supervision. 63% of respondents expressed concern about the uncertain regulatory status of the first cryptovoltaic currency.

In their latest report, Coin Metrics analysts based on on onomic metrics pointed to the prospects of „the largest take-off“ of Bitcoin in history.

Earlier, the University of Cambridge counted 100 million users of the world’s cryptocurrency.

Coinbase’s misfortune could bring happiness to the rest of the crypto community

The crypto community has taken a ‚one man’s luck makes another happy‘ attitude about Coinbase’s situation.

Market leaders are volunteering to provide new opportunities for Coinbase talent

Onramp investor Tyrone Ross told BeInCrypto that he is looking to recruit a technical director and a product manager.

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The exodus started at Bitcoin Era, with dozens of employees accepting CEO Brian Armstrong’s offer to pay them severance pay. And while it’s never easy to break up, the cryptocurrency community has embraced this cohort of talent with open arms.

Tyrone Ross is the founder of the digital investment platform Onramp Invest . After hearing from Clem Freeman, a software engineer at Coinbase whose last day of work was October 9, he spotted an opportunity. Ross reached out to Freeman on Twitter, offering him an interview with the startup. While Freeman has yet to respond to Ross, Onramp is recruiting for a few positions, and a former Coinbase employee appears to be at the top of the list. Ross told BeinCrypto:

I am currently in the process of founding @Onrampinvest, a future platform for advisors to guide clients to using Bitcoin. I would like to hire a candidate at the CTO level of Coinbase, and maybe a product manager.

I will take the time to recharge my batteries. I don’t know what my next step will be, but I’m excited to find out!

The chaos within Coinbase

Database chief Brian Armstrong opened a real Pandora’s box by announcing in September that the cryptocurrency exchange is a “mission-driven business” and therefore any discussion of politics was frowned upon. According to some reports , the decision was made following the departure of an employee in response to the company’s stance on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Reactions to Coinbase’s statement have been mixed, between encouragement and criticism. Armstrong then offered all employees who wanted to leave the company a “generous severance bonus” as a reminder. So far, 60 employees , or 5% of the company’s workforce, have accepted his offer.

Mr Ross, from Onramp Invest , shared his thoughts on the situation:

I think Brian Armstrong has a right to lead Coinbase in that direction if he wants to, and I think employees should have a right to opt in and go as many do. I can’t (as black) and I don’t want to take that direction, but that’s the beauty of leadership and America. We can do what we want!

New protocols are on the way?

The departures of Coinbase may also have paved the way for new protocols that have made their way into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Tony Sheng, co-founder of Cozy Finance, which develops risk management software for DeFi , also had a message for former Coinbase employees. He predicts that Armstrong’s generous severance package will fuel the creation of multiple “important” protocols that he says “might not have existed otherwise”. He thanked Coinbase for this fortuitous opportunity, inviting former employees of the company to contact him to explore their options.

Mt. Gox, the origins: the first bitcoin marketplace

Mt. Gox (known as “ Mount Gox ” in English) was the first automated marketplace dedicated to the exchange of bitcoins. Founded in 2010, it has for a long time supported the bulk of the volume of exchange between traditional currencies and bitcoin. The company is known to have gone bankrupt in February 2014 following a chain of hacks and other incidents, and for having taken the funds of its customers. Let’s go back to the beginnings of this platform which occupies a mythical place in the history of Bitcoin.

The creation of Mt. Gox by Jed MCCaleb

In the spring of 2010, the means of acquiring bitcoin were few and not very efficient. There are basically two services for making an exchange. The first is the service offered by the user NewLibertyStandardwho sells bitcoins on the basis of their cost of production by performing all transactions manually. The second is the platform , launched in March, which connects people to conduct peer-to-peer exchanges.

There is therefore no advanced stock exchange platform that allows automatic order management and that offers sufficient liquidity to obtain a reliable price. It is in this context that the Mt. Gox platform will appear , thanks to the genius of Jed McCaleb.

Jed McCaleb is an American entrepreneur and programmer who was nearing 35 at the time. He is then already known for having co-founded MetaMachine Inc. in 2000, the company that managed the eDonkey2000 peer-to-peer file sharing software in the 2000s. When he discovered Bitcoin through Slashdot on July 11, 2010, he did not He is therefore no stranger to the concept of a distributed network and immediately gets enthusiastic about Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention.

He quickly tries to get some bitcoins, but finds that it is painful to buy some for dollars. Passionate about video games, in 2007 he had developed a platform for buying and selling cards from the online game Magic: The Gathering Online , the latter being derived from the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering . The platform, called Mt. Gox as an acronym for Magic The Gathering Online eXchange and hosted at the address, had been running for about 3 months .

So Jed McCaleb decided, three years later, to use his experience and his domain name to create a marketplace . He set to work on his project hard and, a week later, the platform is operational. Under the pseudonym of mtgox, he writes an ad on the forum saying:

“Hi everyone, I just implemented a new bitcoin exchange platform. Please let me know what you think. ”

Following this announcement, Michael Marquardt ( theymos) asks him “ why [he] would use Mt. Gox and not BitCoin Market “, to which Jed replies:

“[Mt.Gox] is still online, automated, the site is faster and has dedicated hosting and I think the interface is nicer.”

Initially, the platform accepts payments through PayPal. However, due to too many requests chargeback ( chargeback ), Paypal blocks behalf of Jed McCaleb in October 2010, forcing it to suspend the activities of the platform for a month. This prompts him to add Liberty Reserve as a payment method to reopen Mt. Gox . Subsequently, it will also accept on request transfers via Paxum, and bank transfers in dollars (ACH) and euros.

The sale to Mark Karpelès and the success

In November 2010, the price reached 30 cents and remained at this level for the rest of the year. The platform is meeting more and more users, and that’s when Jed McCaleb worries about regulatory repercussions. At this time, the legislation around digital currencies like bitcoin was more than vague and he had to hire a lawyer in New York. In addition, he manages Mt. Gox on his spare time and does not have time to fully manage Mt. Gox.

Jed McCaleb therefore wishes to give the platform to someone else in order to devote himself to his projects. In January 2011, the idea came to him to entrust it to an individual active in the community and with whom he interacts on IRC: Mark Karpelès.

Mark Karpelès (who responds by name MagicalTuxon the Internet) is a talented French developer living in Tokyo, working freelance through his company, Tibanne Co. Ltd. A 25-year-old geek, he emigrated to Japan out of an attraction for the local culture. He discovered Bitcoin at the end of 2010 thanks to a French friend who told him about it. He was immediately interested in digital currency, so much so that he started accepting bitcoin payments for his hosting service on November 8.

Bitcoin-prijs kan stijgen omdat angst en onzekerheid de wereldwijde markten beïnvloeden

Hoewel het online Bitcoin-sentiment minstens twee jaar oud is, zegt de analyse dat BTC op het punt staat om op te stijgen.

De wereldeconomie lijkt nu niet op een goed moment te komen, vooral nu landen als het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Frankrijk en Spanje nieuwe beperkingen over hun grenzen heen opleggen, waardoor de toekomstige financiële vooruitzichten van veel lokale ondernemers nog somberder worden.

Wat de cryptomorfen betreft, daalde de Bitcoin (BTC) op 21 september met bijna 6,5% tot de $10.300 na een verblijf van ongeveer $11.000 voor een paar weken. Wat deze keer echter interessant is, is het feit dat het vlaggenschip van de cryptomorf tegelijkertijd met het goud en de S&P 500 in waarde is gedaald.

Bitcoin’s prijs breekt het record voor de meeste dagen meer dan 10.000 dollar.

Vanuit een technisch oogpunt blijkt uit een snelle blik op de Cboe Volatility Index dat de impliciete volatiliteit van de S&P 500 tijdens het genoemde tijdvenster dramatisch is toegenomen en voor het eerst in meer dan twee maanden boven de $30 uitkomt, wat veel commentatoren doet speculeren dat er nog een crash in de buurt van die van maart kan komen.

Het is belangrijk te vermelden dat de grens van 30 dollar dient als bovengrens voor wereldwijde schoksgebeurtenissen zoals oorlogen of terroristische aanslagen. Anders blijft de indicator tijdens perioden van regelmatige marktactiviteit rond de 20 dollar.

Als we kijken naar goud, dan zien we dat het edelmetaal ook sterk is gedaald, met een dieptepunt van twee maanden, terwijl het zilver zijn belangrijkste prijsdaling in negen jaar heeft gezien. Deze daling van de belangstelling voor goud heeft ertoe geleid dat speculanten denken dat de Amerikaanse dollar weer een financiële veilige haven is, vooral omdat de dollarindex een relatief sterke positie heeft behouden ten opzichte van andere belangrijke valuta’s zoals de Japanse yen, de Zwitserse frank en de euro.

Over Europa gesproken, het continent als geheel wordt momenteel geconfronteerd met een potentiële economische crisis, waarbij veel landen worden geconfronteerd met de dreiging van een sterke recessie als gevolg van de onzekere marktomstandigheden die zijn veroorzaakt door de angst voor COVID-19.

Is er meer aan de hand dan je denkt?

Hoewel er een duidelijke correlatie is tussen de marktprijzen van crypto, goud en S&P 500, benadrukte Joel Edgerton, chief operating officer van de crypto bitFlyer beurs, in een gesprek met de Cointelegraph dat in vergelijking met andere activa – zoals edele metalen, aandelenopties, enz. – crypto heeft een veel grotere volatiliteit laten zien.

Bitcoin wordt beschouwd als de beste investering van de afgelopen twee jaar, na het bereiken van 117,65% winstgevendheid.

Hij benadrukte in het bijzonder dat het BTC/USD-paar gevoelig is geweest voor de bewegingen van de Amerikaanse dollar en voor eventuele discussies over de mogelijke verandering van de strategie van de Federal Reserve, die de nationale inflatie boven de 2%-grens wil stimuleren. Edgerton toegevoegd:

„De koersbeweging wordt voornamelijk gedreven door de institutionele activiteiten, waarbij particuliere klanten de duiken blijven kopen en activa blijven opbouwen. Een belangrijk punt om op te merken is het mogelijke effect van de Amerikaanse verkiezingen en of dit de reactie van de Fed verandert van haar huidige zeer inschikkelijke houding naar een meer normale. ”

Tot slot meende hij dat eventuele wijzigingen in de Amerikaanse belastingwetgeving ook een direct effect zouden kunnen hebben op de cryptomimentmarkt, vooral omdat verschillende staten, evenals de federale overheid, blijven zoeken naar nieuwe belastingmaatregelen om de stimuleringspakketten die eerder dit jaar door de Fed werden verspreid, te compenseren.

Sam Tabar, voormalig directeur van Bank of America’s Asia Pacific regio en mede-oprichter van Fluidity, het bedrijf achter het Airswap peer-to-peer handelsplatform, is van mening dat cryptomappen, als activaklasse, nog steeds verkeerd begrepen en beoordeeld worden: „Na verloop van tijd zullen mensen zich steeds meer bewust worden van de digitale activaruimte en deze verfijning zal de correlatie met de traditionele markten verminderen. ”

Zou Bitcoin kunnen herstellen?

Als onderdeel van de meest recente daling stopte Bitcoin voor een prijs van ongeveer $10.300, wat resulteerde in een daling van het sociale-mediasentiment tot een minimum van 24 maanden. In tegenstelling tot wat men zou kunnen denken, ziet BTC volgens de gegevens van het cryptoanalysebureau Santiment echter een grote toename wanneer het online sentiment om zich heen zweeft over het FUD-territorium – angst, onzekerheid, twijfel.

Bitcoin puede ser usado ahora para comprar un jet privado que vale 40 millones de dólares

Bitcoin es ahora una opción de pago a los potenciales compradores del jet privado Gulfstream G650ER, tras la aprobación de la empresa vendedora del avión, Aviatrade.

Aviatrade ha lanzado una nueva plataforma de pagos de transacciones criptográficas en un intento de atraer a millonarios de Bitcoin Profit y otros compradores que preferirían comprar el jet privado usando criptodivisas.

El G650ER a la venta es un jet privado insignia de seis años de antigüedad fabricado por la compañía privada americana Gulfstream y el avión más grande de la línea de la compañía.

El atractivo del jet privado en su rango de 7.500 millas náuticas hace que los viajes intercontinentales frecuentes sean más fáciles para los jet seters que prefieren no perder el tiempo en las paradas internacionales de reabastecimiento de combustible.

Aviatrade se está dando cuenta de los cambios en las decisiones financieras que han dado lugar a la creciente adopción de criptodivisas, especialmente en los países en desarrollo con una elevada inflación. Más personas, incluso las ricas, están recurriendo a la banca descentralizada para la cobertura y para hacer compras de alto nivel.

En mayo de 2020, el G650ER se clasificó como el mejor jet privado para viajes internacionales junto con el Global 6000 y el Boeing VIP Dreamliner. Aproximadamente 400 aviones se han vendido hasta ahora con notables compradores incluyendo a Jeff Bezos de Amazon, Lauren Powell Jobs, y Elon Musk de Tesla.

¿Qué hay de los impuestos?

Comprar el avión puede ser tan simple como firmar documentos y transferir bitcoin entre billeteras virtuales, pero la regulación sobre los impuestos criptográficos está destinada a ofrecer algunos desafíos.

Está previsto que el avión regrese a la sede de Gulfstream en Georgia para mantenimiento e inspecciones de rutina después de cubrir un total de 1200 horas de viaje entre Asia y Nueva Zelanda.

Si un comprador utiliza Bitcoin para comprar el avión a reacción, se beneficiará de las bajas tarifas de transacción para las transferencias internacionales de dinero, de la ausencia de tarifas bancarias, de la discreción y de un pago simplificado.

Una compra de tal magnitud que implique a Bitcoin fuera del espacio criptográfico está destinada a atraer la atención de las autoridades financieras y a ser supervisada por ellas. El Servicio de Impuestos Internos comenzó a enviar cartas a los titulares de criptogramas en 2019 para notificarlos sobre el cumplimiento de las obligaciones fiscales relativas a los activos digitales.

Para evitar la evasión fiscal, las bolsas reguladas como Coinbase están obligadas a informar de la actividad de criptografía de sus usuarios que cumplan determinados criterios, pero los titulares de criptografía están obligados en general a informar de sus ingresos o actividad de criptografía a efectos fiscales.

Esto se aplica a los países que tienen un marco regulador de cripto para los pagos con monedas de bits, pero los compradores de países que han prohibido los pagos con cripto como Rusia y China se arriesgarán a infringir la ley.

Efecto en el precio de la BTC

La capitalización del mercado de Bitcoin se ha reducido significativamente desde que su precio cayó al nivel de soporte de 10.000 dólares, de una media de 220.000 millones de dólares a 195.000 millones de dólares.

A un precio de venta de 40 millones de dólares, el avión se llevaría el 0,02% de la capitalización del mercado BTC si los fondos ya están en BTC. Mientras que algunos argumentan que esto afectaría al movimiento volátil del precio de la BTC, otros están convencidos de que no es lo suficientemente grande como para cambiar radicalmente el precio de Bitcoin de la volatilidad habitual.

Además, dependería de si la compañía decidiera liquidar su BTC después de recibir los fondos.